Knight of Shrouds

Took a break from the corrupted Ad Mech project this weekend to paint up one of key characters from the Nighthaunt side of the recent Soul Wars box.

The Knight of Shrouds was a perfect sculpt that fits right into the blood red aesthetic that I working on for my fledgling Nighthaunt army.

Most of the hard work was done early with this one as the blending from red to black was done at the start.

I was able to subtle with the highlighting on the cloak / rags. While the blend beneath is doing most of the work, it's still important to pick out the highlights for extra depth

Overall I was happy with the final results on this one. The rusted sections fit the scheme well, and I am growing attached to the blue treatment on the sword to provide a little bit of breakup from all the dark / red tones this scheme has going on.