Corrupted Helverin

The latest addition to the forces of the corrupted Ad Mech army is a total conversion to make a Knight Helverin.

This one was a lot of fun to put together. In all honestly I wasn't entirely happy with the choice I made to make the cannons a lot larger. I was actually inspired by the profile of the old epic era Warhound titan for this conversion. I wanted to push it on this sculpt and have the mechanical and organic parts truly fused!

Having the Tech Priest fused to the carapace was the key idea here once I had the silhouette that I wanted. I think it worked out ok. It was interesting because from the front or side he doesn't really change that silhouette, so it comes across a little flatter than I might have liked.

You really have to look at it for a moment to see what's going on.

 Doing conversions like this is always good for growing your respect for the professional sculptors that create these models for Games Workshop.