2018 at the Painting Table

Another year down, and another chance to reflect on the progress made at the painting table. 

This years countdown of my ten favorite projects of the last year will probably feature a certain army project heavily, given the Corrupted Ad Mech project dominated my work this year. That said, a few different models did manage to sneak in there too ..

10. Knauf - Outlaw Sniper

9. Great Unclean One

One of the last pieces of the Nurgle army I was doing in 2017 sneaks into the list as I finished him up in January. 

8. Lord Arcanum

My favorite Stormcast so far!

7. Night of Shrouds

I painted a lot of Nighthaunts this year with the release of the second edition of Age of Sigmar. I think this guy was the best of them.

6. Corrupted Kastellans

The first entries on this list from the Corrupted Ad Mech project were actually in the middle of the project. Rust and slime had become second nature by this point, but I love how these guys turned out!

5. Corrupted Cawl

More corruption! This time a corrupted version of Belisarius Cawl. This one used more pieces from the Putrid Blightkings box to convert.

4. The Key Keeper

I just loved this little guy, and he was great break up in between painting all the nurgle and nighthaunts this year!

3. The Lifebringer

The second big Knight project of the year and another large investment in green stuff. The work was worth it though!

2. Ork Kill Team

It had been many, many, many years since I painted Orks. Kill Team presented an opportunity to do a warband and I grabbed it. 

1. The Court of the Nurgling King

This was the one that started the entire Corrupted Ad Mech project. The concept was simple, what would an Imperial Knight look like if it was corrupted by an army of Nurglings! Very happy with the conversion work on this one.