My favorite things of 2018 - Day #15

This one seems like it was more than a year ago already, but it was widely released back in January, and came out too late for last years list, so I'm including it now.

I'm a huge fan of Guillermo Del Toro so that I loved The Shape of Water should not be a surprise to anyone. For me though, it is also very close to being his very best film. As high a regard as I hold Pans Labyrinth in, this one might just be better.

It is again a period piece. Again it uses its time and place to help highlight the worse aspects of humankind. In this case the cold war backdrop sharing the broader fear of the other, and of those 'not like us'. Fear what you don't understand.

Its not subtle, but its masterfully crafted.

The casting was absolutely excellent, and each performance is spot on throughout. Its honestly unfair to call any of them out, as everyone involved here gives a pitch perfect performance.

Del Toro fuses the real and the fantastical with his usual skill, and the cinematography is both restrained and intimate when needed. 

I was oh so very happy when this one grabbed the Oscar for Best Film. I understand it's not a film for everyone, but that does make me kind of sad, because it's wonderful.