Introducing the band

This one took a few weekends to bring together after I embarked on another ambitious Nurgle conversion build.

I had a crazy idea to build an entire Nurgle rock band, and give them a suitable platform to ride into battle!

You can get an even better view in video.

I'm happy with the results, but this one was definitely a challenge!

It started with a lot of different kits ...

... and the band themselves ...

The Noise Marine and Bilepiper were obvious choices. I then used one of the new Necromunda bounty hunters as a vocalist as he was in a perfect pose for that. Rounding out the band are a bunch of Nurglinsg who will be playing the drums, singing, and dancing.

Then I started building a custom Defiler for them ...

I used some Orc and Necron parts to build the platform on the back of a Defiler instead of its' usual turret. I added some big horns that I had left over from an Age of Sigmar kit.

Then I built a drum kit out of various spare chaos parts and green stuff.

Then after painting the band, I brought them all together to start making some noise on the battle field!

This one was a lot of fun to put together!