2019 at the Painting Table

It was another busy year at the painting table. I largely focused on continuing to build out the hordes of my corrupted Nurgle force, with a few other odds and ends thrown in.

So in no particular order are my favorite projects of the year

Space Marine Heroes Kill Team

I used the sculpts from the Space Marine heroes blind boxes to put together a kill team. I don't get to paint 'clean' marines very often, so this was a nice break from all the Nurgle rot and decay!


I admit, I mostly got another Great Unclean One kit to use it for parts for my Nurgle conversions, but as it happens painting this guy up was a lot of fun, and I got to play with some new UV resin for the putrid goop.

Nurgle Dark Apostle

A quick conversion on this one turned him into an adept of Nurgle.

The Sonic Defiler

This was one of the major conversion projects of the year. The chaos defiler converted to become a mobile platform for a Nurgle rock band. Ready to assault your ears with their sonic evil.

Dreaded Ambull - Blackstone Fortress

This was a relatively simple one, but I really liked the results.

The Heroes - Blackstone Fortress

All of these sculpts were interesting and fun to paint in different ways.

Nurgle Disintegrator

Of course I converted the new Ad Mech tank this year.

Nurgle Manipulator

Another conversion of a new AD Mech sculpt from the beginning of the year. Adding all the little legs was so much fun! 

Nurgle Drill

This one another major conversion, but it makes a great centerpiece for my corrupted Ad Mech force.


I picked up the new Hellboy game, and had fun painting up this pair.

Nurgle Knight 

Yes, I couldn't resist converting another knight into a Nurgle abomination.

Another productive year at the painting table!