My Favorite Things of 2019 - Day #11

Today's entry on this list of my favorite things of 2019 is possibly the hardest to define clearly. Video game? Partly. Album? Partly. Interactive Music Video? Partly. 

Sayonara Wild Hearts is all of those things and more than any single genre definition. 

I've been a long time fan of developers Simogo, as they always tend to create something unique, interesting, and hard to define. This is no different.

Part infinite runner, part rhythm game, part music video. You'll keep playing to unlock the next track, either for the music, or just to appreciate what tripy sequence the developers have planned next.

There is a narrative thread of sorts that floats alongside throughout, made manifest in the characters. The art design is impressive throughout, and every visual dances along in perfect time with the music. 

There is more than enough to differentiate each track, and the scoring system facilitates some replay value if you really insist on considering it purely a game.

I love unique weird things, and this one is definitely that. I picked it up on two different platforms so I could also play it on the go on my switch. You can also play it through Apple arcade. 

So if you like your experiences on the different side with a brilliant soundtrack then don't miss out on this one.