My Favorite Things of 2019 - Day #13

This will be the last year that I get to include this one on this annual advent calendar of my favorite stuff.

The Wicked and The Divine has been on this list for the last few years as my favorite ongoing book. The creative team of Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson, and Clayton Cowles spun their amazing tale of modern gods over the last five years, and this year it came to an end.

A suitably melancholic closing issue ended this one just about as gracefully as I could possibly have imagined.

It was one of those rare things, a final issue that landed perfectly. 

This was always a complex tale with layered meaning, but that they managed to imbue the ending with a perfect balance of closure, while leaving just the right amount to the reader's imagination, and striking a tone that was in keeping with the book's underlying philosophies.

That in itself was an achievement worthy of note.

Endings can be very hard. They made this one look easy.