My Favorite Things of 2019 - Day #7

Today's entry in this list of my favorite things of the year is an indie game that combined rogue-like, strategy, and card game elements into a delicious game-play mix.

Owing nods to games like FTL in terms of its progression and rogue-like formats, and also any card battler you care to mention. It also draws in the narrative elements of a game like the Banner Saga. 

You take on the role of a powerful yet mysterious, mystic type character. You have the power of  'technopathy', which in the games world is the ability to sense and affect electrical currents.

You, in your mystical wisdom, have discerned that you have to find a place known as 'The Crypt' and discover what lies within. To do so you recruit various bands of outcasts and refugees, which you then lead across the randomly generated wastelands. You can unlock certain types of tribes, which are in effect, different types of 'deck' styles when it comes to the cards.

Of course, your voyage will not be without difficulty. 

Combat, with local gangs, warlords, or crazy AI driven robots, is all played out using turn-based card combat.

Each 'card' represents a member of your caravan, and each has a specific set of abilities. They influence the combat, and even drive which narrative options might present themselves.

There are a bunch of interesting elements to the design. Cards get 'damaged' and ultimately 'die' forcing you to constantly consider when they should be used without feeling overly punishing. The positioning elements on the map means you have another dimension to think about in combat, and the world takes a relatively unique take on the usual post apocalypse tropes. 

It uses existing elements from other games in new, interesting ways, which makes for an engaging experience. 

I usually have a love / hate relationship with rogue-likes, but this one brought more than enough new thoughts to the table that I was happy to be along for the ride!