November Musical Experiments

Over November I embarked on a creative experiment. I've done things like Nanowrimo in the past, and a few years back I taught myself zBrush in a similar experiment.

This time out I decided I wanted to create some music.


Not my actual set-up!

I have no formal music training. In fact, I was so bad at music at school that at one point the choir teacher asked me to wait outside so as not to distract the class. (probably not the best music teacher ever!). 

I have though been lucky enough to interact with some brilliant composers, sound engineers, and producers over my decades in game development, so I figured some of it must have rubbed off.


I love these kind of focused creative experiments, and want to take this opportunity to encourage anyone reading this to give them a try!


By doing one of these creative experiments you might surprise yourself what kind of progress you can make in a month. If nothing else it can demonstrate that any fears about it being too hard were probably unfounded. Who knows where it might take you after that?


So that creative thing you always wanted to do? That thing you think you don't have time to learn? That thing you think you won't be good at, or are too old to learn now?


 Do it! You have nothing to loose.


Between the wonders of You Tube Tutorials, and free demo or trial versions of software, you will surprised by what you can achieve in a month. 


In this case I used the trail of Abelton Live 10, and dove into a bunch of tutorials on You Tube that gave me the basics.

I carved out a few hours every other night and just started to make something.


Then when I stumbled I did some more research, watched some more tutorials, or did a little reading on music theory to grasp some of the fundamentals better.

So what about the music itself? Is it any good? Not sure. Probably not, but I had a lot of fun putting it together, learnt a lot, and if nothing else, I don't think it will actually make your ears bleed or anything?


You can check out the tracks themselves below