Retro Epic Orks!

 This was a special little project for me.


The 1990's 'Epic' scale version of Warhammer 40k was the very first tabletop war-game that I played as a teenager. 


Over the years I'd picked up a few old kits at events and such, and with a final bit of eBay hunting, I had enough to put together a retro Ork horde!


It was fun painting sculpts at this scale, and in metal, again.


My eyes were a lot better the last time I painted something at this scale!

Started them all off with a good layer of my rusting technique.

Then lots of bright yellows and reds, because the Orks wouldn't have it any other way.

Took a few trips to various events, and a few EBay listings to put these together. Probably cost a damn bit more than they would have done originally.

Always liked this guy for some reason. Happy with how he turned out.

This project really rolled back the years!