A Desert Getaway

 We kicked off the year with a little getaway into the Southern California desert, specifically near the Joshua Tree National Park, even more specifically, we just might have found a little 'out of this world' place to stay!

This wonderfully weird little place is one of the more unique offerings you can find on AirBnB. The Area 55 Futuro House is more like some special camping than it is a rental home, but it is a fun and unique experience (which also comes with a lengthy wait-list! Thankfully my wonderful wife is fantastic at forward planning.)


The hosts are a cool, well traveled, couple who are happy to share some time with you!



 (Yes, the aliens come with the rental!)

Of course the proximity to Joshua Tree meant that we got to go and do some hiking in the park as well. 

The location also proved to be very close to one of the deserts hidden gems. 

The Noah Purifoy Desert Art Museum of Assemblage Art is open to the public every day of the year from sun up until sundown and is free of charge.


It is an interesting collection of dozens of different works of art, including large scale assemblages, environmental sculptures, that the artist created between 1989 and his death in 2004. While it might look more like a salvage yard from a distance, the artist has used a variety of discarded things to forge each piece of art. Lots of old technology, discarded building material, and other lost things are combined to tell new stories.


Well worth seeking out if you are visiting the national park.