Devcom / Gamescom 2022

 This week saw me travel to Germany for both Devcom and Gamescom. This was my first convention and speaking trip since the pandemic so it was an interesting experience.


Devcom itself was fantastic. I got to see old friends, made some new ones, and the other creative directors on the panel were great. The panel was well received, which is always nice, although we had more folks that wanted in than was allowed in the room. Safer for all, but still a shame for those that missed out. 


Thanks to everyone who attended. We had a great time.

Massive thanks to Johannes for the invitation, and to the team at Devcom for putting on such a great event. I had the honor of speaking at the first Devcom, so seeing it grow each year, and return to in-person so strongly this year was great to witness first hand.

On one hand it was fantastic to get to see people again! In person! 


On the other, there was definitely still some lingering Covid anxiety on my behalf. Devcom was reasonably manageable, but even the preview day at Gamescom (when it is only Industry and trade folks allowed in) had decidedly too many people in attendance for my comfort. 


I will admit that I was glad I wasn't staying for the public days!


Still, I did wander the show floor, saw some games (always love the indie area at Gamescom), and even took a gander at that Mini/ Pokemon concept car, which was actually kind of cool in person.

Hopefully the pandemic allows these events to continue to happen. I did enjoy getting to see other human beings in person again.